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Shelton Land Trust

The Shelton Land Conservation Trust is a private organization often confused with the Conservation Commission.  The Land Trust owns 364 acres of private open space that is open to the public, including several trails and a youth camp.


Proposed Developments Under Review

The Conservation Commission reviews select proposed developments and provides recommendations to the Planning and Zoning Commission. Note that the Conservation Commission is advisory only.

Draft Designed Residential Development (DRD) regulations.
Letter to P&Z June 12, 2017.

69 Pearmain Estates P&Z Application #17-06 (69 Pearmain Road)7-lot conventional subdivision.
 -Letter to P&Z, copied to Inland Wetlands, June 12, 2017

Wells Hollow PDD P&Z Application #16-29 (Bridgeport Ave & Long Hill Cross Road; mixed use on 17.4 acres)
-Letter to P&Z February 3, 2017

"Towne Center at Shelter Ridge" PDD P&Z Application #16-8
122 acres on Bridgeport Ave, Mill Street, and Buddington Rd
-Natural Resources of "Shelter Ridge" (report)
-Conservation Minutes March 2, 2016 (presentation to Conservation)
-Site Plans submitted for Shelter Ridge
-Natural Resources Impacts (Report)
-Conservation Minutes April 6, 2016
-Land Trust letter to Planning and Zoning April 22, 2016
-Conservation/Trails letter to P&Z April 27, 2016
-Public Hearing minutes April 27, 2016
-Powerpoint Presentation to P&Z May 31, 2016 (download to view notes)
- Conservation Minutes August 3, 2016
-Conservation letter to P&Z August 2016 regarding modified plan
-Trails Committee letter to P&Z Aug 2016 re Paugussett Trail
-Nat'l Resources Manager letter re vernal pools to P&Z Aug 2016
-Nat'l Resources Manager letter re spotted turtles Sept 2016

Great River Water Club PZC #16-28 PDD #66, 722 River Road 164 apartment units on 8.6 acres with a marina.
Letter to P&Z January 6, 2017
DEEP CAM letter to Planning and Zoning January 10, 2017

Brook View Apartments PZC #16-14  PDD Step One
36 units on 3.3 acres at 309 Old Bridgeport Ave
-Letter to Planning & Zoning August 2016

General Resources:
2006 Open Space Plan & Maps
The plan outlines conceptual greenways which are areas of increased importance for open space acquisition and environmental protection.
Conservation's Published Letters (for major projects)
Planning and Zoning Regulations (scroll to bottom)
Inland Wetlands
Conservation's Position Statement on the Use of PDDs in Residential Areas